Things I never thought I’d say – My Name is on a Skull


It’s been a year of new things for me. I never thought I’d write a zombie story. I never thought I’d write a complete series and I never thought I’d find my name on a skull.

There are plenty of months in the year for more firsts but today I get to share this one with you. After writing a mini zombie story in the anthology, Bite-Sized Offerings, for charity the organizers also set up a t-shirt with all the authors who participated in the project with Grunt Style. The proceeds from this will also go to the medical and travel expenses for a little girl with down syndrome who needs heart surgery soon.

It’s a worthy project and you can see my name right above the right eye of the skull not far from my buddy author W. J. Lundy. So if you’re in need of a t-shirt or even a hoodie like the one above and would like to have some of your favoriteĀ authors names within the skull motif, go ahead and click the link to Grunt Style and purchase one or three.

It’s all for a good and worthy cause and these days, we depend on one another for the best of deeds.


Have a great day!

New Release – Bite-Sized Offerings Anthology

51uXahS6BdL._SX344_BO1,204,203,200_Bite-Sized Offerings: Tales & Legends of the Zombie Apocalypse is a very special anthology that I’m proud to be a part of.

A few months ago my friend W. J. Lundy alerted me to a group project he was involved in and asked me if I wanted to join. A mutual friend and fan of our work is the adopted mother of two Down syndrome children with extensive medical cost. In fact, one of the two has had multiple heart procedures and needs yet more. So of course I agreed even though I’ve never written a zombie story before. It was agreed by the group to write an anthology involving zombies because the children love the stories.

Between projects, I wrote a quick two thousand word novelette which was the requested length. The stories are appropriate for those twelve and older. In all, we had over thirty authors involved in the project from many different genres. We collaborated over everything from editing, cover art, and formatting. You could say we all pulled together to create this piece and I’m pretty sure there wasn’t even one major argument; a feat known to happen between two authors let alone thirty.

All of the proceeds from the sale of Bite-Sized Offerings go directly towards the extensive medical expenses for this family so that they can focus on living life instead of worry over expenses. So please purchase this book and then share it to as many friends and family as you can far and wide.

I don’t know that I’ll write another zombie story, though I’m so glad I wrote this one. šŸ™‚