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Autographed Copies?

Last May…my local independent bookstore asked me to come in for a signing. I was overjoyed. They also asked if they could carry the series in their store. Then they asked if I’d sign several of them while I was there. See where this is going… I didn’t either, at first…

Aunties Books is an institution, here in Spokane, Washington. They’ve been located downtown for something like eighty years. Not only have they survived the big box store invasion of Barnes and Noble, they’ve also survived the Goliath Amazon.

How did they do this, you ask? – Innovation.

They hold events between these shelves. Poets rhyme, writers read, and patrons wander the shelves of books both old and new. That’s right. They mix their pre-owned books on the shelves with the new selections. I found a late 1950’s copy of The Christmas Carol when I was in last. And yes, they also shelve autographed books. My, autographed books.

They also sell online. So if you’re looking for an autographed Graham’s Resolution, come to Spokane, Washington, or simply purchase online. (Be sure to ask for an ‘Autographed Copy’)

New Website & Technical Difficulties

This week I’ve opted to combine my website and blog. Did I mention, I’m not good at this. I’m typically a pretty easy going person but something about HTML code, Widgits and Plugins not cooperating drives me crazy. I must say I finally enlisted help. And though it’s still a work in progress, it’s beginning to look somewhat familiar.

So, now to get rid of the stress, I’m going to go write book four in the shower.

New Release Date

GRLIMarch 1st
will be the new release date!PreOrder your copy today and it will download automatically to your Kindle!

In the meantime, if you need a quick read over the weekend, you can enjoy Deception on Durham Road. This novella is a part of Author, Steven Konkoly’s, Kindle Worlds Perseid Collapse series.