Book 4 – Progress Check Graham’s Resolution Series

GRProofI won’t do this everyday but a fan asked how much progress I’ve made on book four. They wanted me to keep them abreast of my efforts and when might they expect to be reading the next book. I wish I had a crystal ball sometimes because while writing The Last Infidels, so many life events happened at once and well…it was delayed. I don’t intend for that to happen again but you never know.

So, I thought I’d check in once a week or so with a word count and a few words on the progress. For instance, The China Pandemic was roughly 98k words. The Cascade Preppers 78k words. The Last Infidels was more like 67k words but a full story. I expect this one to be in that same range from 65k-100k words.

Current Progress for book 4 in the Graham’s Resolution series.

Title – ? (Malefic Nation is a possibility.)

Cover – In Progress

Work Count – 5,491

Notes: In rough draft form, right after the opening and currently on chapter five.

Book Review – Darwin’s Radio by Greg Bear

I’m always in the process of reading something or possibly two books at a time. Strange, I know, but it happens. My TBR (to be read) pile is teetering hypothetically. Late last night or quite frankly early this morning, I completed Darwin’s Radio by Greg Bear.

It’s along the same broad lines as my series in a post pandemic sort of way. There’s a pandemic of sorts but the premise and outcome are completely different. I wasn’t sure where the story was going when I first began to read and honestly I had to push through what I think the author himself, stumbled through before he knew where he was headed. However, as I persevered I became enthralled with the ideas presented. I don’t like to give spoilers but as many of us contemplate the universe and all it’s mysteries, one person’s imagination can capture a possibility…a hypothesis no matter how far-fetched, it may actually turn fiction into fact given a decade or two.

Darwin’s Radio should be read by anyone who wonders. Don’t let the first two chapters hold you back, persevere, it’s worth it in the end. And then, sit back and ask yourself how plausible this scenario is. How do we explain our past and what might nature try to present to us in our future. Darwin’s Radio is a story that makes you think and contemplate what might come our way.

The Last Infidels is Available on Amazon Kindle


It’s finally here! The Last Infidels is now available on Amazon Kindle. This is a very special book to me. I now mark time and events in life during whichever book I’m writing at the time.

While writing this one my life literately changed. A past nightmare was righted in my personal life; finally, I’m at peace.

Though this book takes a turn for the current residents of Cascade there are at least two more title in this series left to be written. I’m working hard on book four now and five is already planned. I may go back and write a prequel as well. Would everyone want to meet Sheriff’s original master? He was alive and well when the pandemic started. I’m sure you’ll be surprised who he knew and what circles he traveled in. What about Campos? He also has a back story. Many readers were sorry to see him go so early in the series but it couldn’t be any other way, in the end.

There are many twists and turns coming as the story unfolds before me. I hope you’ll enjoy the direction. It’s both scary and realistic. It’s a reality I hope we never see but fathomable all the same.

So, take some time on Sunday to relax and read The Last Infidels before work tomorrow and let me know what you think. If you enjoy the book please leave a review too.

Until later Graham Fans,

A. R. Shaw

Only 2 More Days! Release of The Last Infidels

GRLIOnly 2 more days until the release of The Last Infidels ! So if you’ve purchased the PreSale, make time to read on Sunday! It’s very exciting to finally see your hard work come to fruition. The release comes with a little trepidation. I so hope it’s received well.

I’m busy working on book four and trying to get this website to work with all the online tools at the same time.

It seems to be an author you have to wear many hats, writer, manager, social media expert, advertiser, web management, programmer, SEO specialist, marketer… It’s crazy.

Just Arrived!


This afternoon as I’m writing the beginning scenes for book four of the Graham’s Resolution series, my dog Oak alerts me to the sound a few seconds before my own ears register the telltale sign of the UPS trucks arrival. I’m excited, because I know what’s coming…The Last Infidels paperbacks!

Though I’ve personally made the conversion to Kindle eBooks, there is still nothing that compares to holding an actual book, especially one you’ve created, in your own hands. These guys will receive my signature and then head to my local independent bookstore Aunties, for sale. A few will remain on my own growing shelf and then, in a few months, they’ll be joined by book four.

6 More Days until The Last Infidels

Only six more day to go before all the Pre-Orders are automatically downloaded to your Kindles; or, until you can purchase your own e-copy.

In the meantime, I’m busily writing book four and anticipating the eventual end of the Graham’s Resolution series this year. I see possibly two more books and perhaps a prequel, but we shall see.

After that, I may do a few standalones and then start another series.

What would you like to see more of in the post-apocalyptic genre?

Favorite Children’s Books to Include on your Shelf

For some odd reason, there are a lot of babies being born around my circle this season. I have two new second cousins. I’m a Prepper Aunt, this week and one of my daughter’s childhood friend, is due this weekend. (Yes, I’m old enough to be a grandmother, but I’m not quite yet.)

It got me thinking about my favorite books for little ones. It’s a passion really. I believe Margaret Wise Brown was to toddlerhood what Laura Ingalls was to preteens. Her mesmerizing cadence is perfect to read out loud and keep even the most hyper babe interested.

I’m not referring to the well known Goodnight Moonand The Runaway Bunny. Those are her most famous works and perfect for reading aloud to a baby so that they listen to your voice. I’m referring to the many books most have never heard of before. Wait Till the Moon is Full, is perfect for both boys and girls and you have to whisper it as you go along…perfect for bedtime. Below are a few more I enjoyed reading to my own children. These are the books read over and over. I’ve decided to find copies for each of my children once they start their own families and of course I’ll have the originals on my own shelf for visits. What are the favorites books you might include?

The Little Fur Family

The Diggers

Authors on the Air & Perseid Collapse Authors

KindleWorld’s Perseid Collapse Series authors LIVE on Science Fiction Spotlight spotlight

Listen to us talk with Host Pam Stack of Authors on the Air. Several of us show up to discuss working in the Perseid Collapse Kindle Worlds.

Check Out Books Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Authors on the Air Radio 2 on BlogTalkRadio

Autographed Copies?

Last May…my local independent bookstore asked me to come in for a signing. I was overjoyed. They also asked if they could carry the series in their store. Then they asked if I’d sign several of them while I was there. See where this is going… I didn’t either, at first…

Aunties Books is an institution, here in Spokane, Washington. They’ve been located downtown for something like eighty years. Not only have they survived the big box store invasion of Barnes and Noble, they’ve also survived the Goliath Amazon.

How did they do this, you ask? – Innovation.

They hold events between these shelves. Poets rhyme, writers read, and patrons wander the shelves of books both old and new. That’s right. They mix their pre-owned books on the shelves with the new selections. I found a late 1950’s copy of The Christmas Carol when I was in last. And yes, they also shelve autographed books. My, autographed books.

They also sell online. So if you’re looking for an autographed Graham’s Resolution, come to Spokane, Washington, or simply purchase online. (Be sure to ask for an ‘Autographed Copy’)

New Website & Technical Difficulties

This week I’ve opted to combine my website and blog. Did I mention, I’m not good at this. I’m typically a pretty easy going person but something about HTML code, Widgits and Plugins not cooperating drives me crazy. I must say I finally enlisted help. And though it’s still a work in progress, it’s beginning to look somewhat familiar.

So, now to get rid of the stress, I’m going to go write book four in the shower.