New Release of Wayward Pines Kate’s Redemption


Wayward Pines Kate’s Redemption is finally released and I’m pretty happy with the way this novella turned out.

I hope you enjoy it too. At only $1.99, this short story tells Kate’s story of her integration into Wayward Pines. Did you ever wonder why she was so compliant when Ethan found her?

This novella, Kate’s Redemption, is based on the popular book series Wayward Pines by Blake Crouch with a special agreement through Kindle Worlds.

Kate knew Wayward Pines couldn’t be hell though she had her doubts at weaker moments. If only she could find the truth about the town where everyone knew your name and hid behind simulated smiles that defied the fear in their eyes. The rules were there for a reason. If you violated those rules, the phone would ring with deadly consequences.

At times, Kate believed she deserved this place after the moral crime she committed with Ethan Burke, but this redemption was far more than she could take and it was only a matter of time before her will would break.

Pick it up today for quick weekend read. Kate’s Redemption

5 thoughts on “New Release of Wayward Pines Kate’s Redemption

    • This book is based on the Wayward Pines book series. There are a few differences between the TV show and the books series though for this book either still apply. For instance, Theresa has dark brown hair in the TV series and in the book she was blond. Also, Kate arrived in Wayward Pines and then Theresa with Ben long before Ethan came in the book series, unlike the TV series. Though there are some differences, I think you could still read Kate’s Redemption and be fine.

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