A BattlBox Story – Mission 30 NBC Box

A BattlBox Story – Mission 30

NBC Box – Nuclear, Biological, Chemical


“Get out of the way, dammit!” The further northeast Davis drove the more crowded the roadways became. In no time he found himself cursing and slamming his hand on the horn. Just outside of Stockdale, Texas, Davis took the least populated path to meet up with his daughter in La Grange. The only problem was, that seemed to be everyone else’s exodus plan as well. “Where do you idiots think you’re going?”

Before it was too late to change his mind, Davis diverted his route from going to Sequin, to a more easterly route through Nixon and perhaps cutting across on 90 to Luling. There were back roads to take but he vowed to get to his daughter waiting for him in La Grange as fast as he could. Which also meant he’d have to change routes on the fly. That was no problem. It typically would take him another hour and a half to get there. “This going to take me a few more hours dammit.”

Then his daughter Leigh called sending a jolt of nervous tension through his middle. “What is it honey?”



“Has there been some sort of nuclear attack?”

“WHY…do you ask?”

“…Because there’s a guy wandering around a block away from the cabin with a gas mask on.”

“Can he see you? Does he know you’re there?”

“No. No, I peek out the curtain. I put the car around back like you said.”

“Is he anywhere near our property line?”

“No, he’s across the street. Dad has there been a nuclear attack?”

“Not as far as I know, baby. Don’t give him any indication you’re there.”

“I’m not. He’s just walking around with his cell phone out and this thing sticking out of it.”

“What thing?”

“I don’t know. I’m watching him with the binoculars. Just this black thing sticking out of his phone. He’s waving it around slowly in front of him.”

“And you said he has a mask on?”

“Yeah, some kind of gas mask.”

“I don’t know, Leigh. Just stay hidden. I’ll be there as soon as I can. Stay armed Leigh. I mean it. It won’t help you if you don’t carry.”

“I know Dad.”

“Call me if you get concerned.”

“I will.”

“Love you.”

“Bye, Daddy.”

Davis ran a nervous hand down his face. “Probably some crazy. Damn, she’s there all alone and I can’t do a thing about it.”

After he had laid his foot down on the gas, he turned on the radio, hoping perhaps he could rule out a radiological attack.

“…Don’t you think you’re just scaring our listeners?”

“No, I think they should be informed to make their own decisions. Are we not American’s after all?”

“Yes, but even if we’ve received a high dose of radiation…”

“Wait. You have to assume we all have. A small nuclear bomb has hit Virginia.”

“What!” Davis could not believe what he was hearing.

“…if you have them, wear your gas mask and take the Iosat Potassium Iodide Tabs.”

“Wait a minute. Is that really necessary. Those tablets should only be taken in a confirmed nuclear radiation emergency. Don’t you think a doctor should be the judge of that?”

“Of course people need to listen to their local news but my point is there’s a lot of things you can do to prevent radiation risk. You can take Colloidal Silver for one. It’s a natural immune support supplement.”

“Doesn’t that stuff turn you blue?”

Ignoring the question, the interviewee said, “You can also use Radiacwash Towelettes to wipe off radiation if you’ve become contaminated. Also be sure to put anything exposed into radioactive waste bags for proper disposal.”

“See, I think you’re just scaring the crap out of people with all of this.”

“No, I’m not. I’m empowering people. Look if you don’t believe me, there’s a book everyone should download right now on your Kindle; might just save your life. Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson Kearny. Lifesaving Nuclear Facts and Self-Help Instructions. It comes in paperback and ebook version. Get one and put it in your family library.”

“Dang, I think I have that one at the cabin.”

“It’s an informative read. We have this perception that when there’s a nuclear attack everyone automatically dies, but that’s not the truth. There are ways to survive a nuclear attack and there is no time like the present to learn.”


Davis had heard enough and turned off the radio. When he pulled up into the cabin’s gravel driveway, he saw the gas-masked man sitting on the porch of his own cabin across the street with a folding knife in his hand. The only reason Davis noticed the knife from that distance was an odd green glow emanating from the handle of the blade in the shadows of the porch overhang. The man hadn’t moved or made any threatening gestures since he saw Davis pull up. Stepping out of his truck, Davis was armed and ready anyway.

“Howdy,” he yelled.

The guy nodded and as he did the canister on the end of his mask bobbed up and down. He waved at him too after folding his green glowing knife up and putting it back in his pocket.

Hmm…odd guy. Typically not one to engage strangers, this one lived right across the street from him. He needed to find out what sort of person he was before making further plans.

“Do you uh, think we’ve been hit?”

The gas-masked guy pushed himself up from the porch and walked his way with a slow stride.

Detecting no threat from the guy, but still cautious, Davis met him halfway.

A muffled voice of an older man came out, “We’re definitely exposed. My Geiger counter says we’re in the danger zone.”

“What does that mean?”

“Depends,” gas-masked man said as he lifted an orange card that hung on a tether around his neck. “This is a dosimeter. It measures ionizing radiations above normal.”


“It measures the radiation you’re exposed to.”

Looking at the school bus orange card, Davis asked, “What does yours say?”

He shrugged, “The indicator is barely darkened past normal but there’s a 20% error rate on either side.”

“Is that bad?”

“Well, it’s not good but it’s definitely not the worst.”

“What happened in Virginia?”

“No one really knows yet but I’m betting a dirty bomb.”

“North Korea?”

“Hell…pick one. It doesn’t matter.”

“Hey, I’m Davis Cole, by the way.”

“Hi Davis. My name’s Wyatt Teller. I’m a Geologist out of Austin.”

“Okay, I knew someone bought this property but we’ve not met. Is it just you?”

“Yeah, I live alone.” He pointed toward Davis’s cabin and chuckled inside the mask. “I’ve seen a young lady peeking out the window at me. Didn’t mean to scare her.”

“The mask may have done that.”

Wyatt pulled off the rubber gas mask, his elderly face a sweaty mess of rivering sweat trails, “I almost forgot I was wearing it. Just practicing.”

“She said you were waving around your cell phone with a stick on the end?”

“Oh, yeah that’s my mobile Geiger counter. I haven’t really detected anything but I’m taking measurements in intervals.”

“Is there anything you recommend we do at this point?”

“Um, filter your water. Even the stuff you get out of the facet for now until we know more.”

“Okay, I’ve got a Seychelle Radiological Water Filter Straw. Will that work?”

Wyatt lifted his eyebrows. “Yes, that’ll work just fine.”

“I’m a prepared sort of guy.”

Wyatt nodded. “Best way to be these days. Though I’m not sure what to make of things. We have a locked down biological attack in Bexar County and a dirty bomb explosion in Virginia? What the hell’s going on?”

This time Davis shrugged, “I don’t know…but those prepared will survive another day while those not, fade into history.”

If we’re lucky,” Wyatt said.

Davis nodded, “If we’re lucky.”

Note from the Author AR Shaw


This is a story based on the items I’ve received in the BattlBox.com monthly subscription. There are affiliate links to the items listed. I do receive a small payment from the affiliate links that helps to cover the cost of writing a free story for you. I hope you enjoy this ongoing tale of Davis Cole and his apocalyptic adventures. We’ll see what happens based on the items received in the next monthly box.

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A BattlBox Story – Mission 29 Operator Owned

BattlBox Story #2 by AR Shaw

Mission 29

SITREP: Operator Owned

Location: San Antonio, Texas


The next morning, Davis woke before the first rays lighten the sky. There was no way he could just lay there any longer. There was too much to do but first he needed coffee. After fishing out his camp stove, he pulled out one of the few things he truly enjoyed in life, his Black Rifle, Just Black coffee grounds and brewed a fresh cup. Only having a tin mug in his pack he missed the mug he’d received from the veteran owned company long ago that was sitting in his cupboard back home. The well-worn cup was chipped now but his morning wasn’t the same without it since it held just the right amount and fit well in his hand and had the saying, Coffee or Die with the Don’t Tread on Me insignia which never got old…he had to chuckle each time.

Checking the time on his Rockwell Raider Project wrist watch, Davis would give his daughter just a little more time to wake up before he bothered her. One thing he’d learned long ago was to give that girl just a little more time to sleep, otherwise you were asking for trouble. In the meantime he checked the radio and by then the sunrise was on its way. He put on his Multicam Mesh hat to protect his eyes while he tuned in.

“…Bexar County line is still closed. Only military aircraft are permitted inside the perimeter. Reports of quarantine and an unknown number of casualties are causing rampant fear and speculation. Military vehicles are forming north of Bexar County. We can only assume they’re going to extend past the county line into Austin….”

“Oh hell, no,” Davis yelled spilling his coffee. “Leigh!” he said as he fumbled for his phone. She needed to get up now and get the hell out of there, before it’s too late.

Took forever for her to answer and when she did her voice was groggy as he suspected. “Leigh, grab your pack and get out now. Go east.”

“Dad…I just woke up….” Just then the signal began to stutter as a military airlift helicopter flew overhead.


“Leigh, hang on,” he said as he ran to get inside of his truck to hear her better. “Baby, wake up now.” His heart pounded inside his chest. He knew he needed to remain calm to motivate her or she’d break down. “Listen,” he said calmly. “This is what I want you to do. Get up. Even if you’re still in your pajamas. Put your boots on and grab your pack and your keys. Get in your truck and drive east. Avoid 290, take 71 out to LaGrange.”

“Dad, I need coffee,” she whined.

He pictured her sitting on top of her bed still in her oversized t-shirt and pajama pants. Her long blond hair scattered in a mess of tangles, her spare hand slapped to her face as she rubbed her eyes.

“Sweetheart, inside your pack are bottles of water and those Strike Force Energy packs you like. That’ll get you going but you can’t have one until you’re driving. So get up and go. Call me when you’re on the road when your phone is in the hands-free device, okay?”

“Jeez, Dad, is this really real?”

He waited a bit…hated shattering her world. “Yes, I’m afraid it is. Now go.”

When the signal died, Davis stepped out of his truck to pack his gear, he smelled something funny. It was a familiar smell somehow and then suddenly an image of his grandfather sitting in the shade of a porch flashed before Davis’ mind. The smoke twirling around Pop’s head and one end of his mouth raised just enough for a Warfighter cigar to hang out. He often smiled like a pirate that way.

Then the hair on the back of Davis’ neck prickled. Someone was nearby and without a sound of warning, he suddenly felt a searing pain in the back of his thigh as a form jumped up from a crouch behind him. Catching his assailant around the neck as he plowed into him against the truck’s side, Davis clamped his hand around whatever it was that sunk into the back of his thigh as his enemy removed it to strike him again.

“No!” he yelled knowing he had to survive or his daughter was in dire jeopardy. “You f…ing little son of b…ch!”

Having the advantage of size over his assailant, Davis concentrated all of his strength on the man’s weapon hand. Once he saw the sharp point of a gnarly seven-inch dagger, Davis pushed him away, reached back to his waist, pulled his Glock 19, and shot the man three times straight in the heart. “Enough of this…sh.t.”

It wasn’t the first time he’d killed a man. He certainly hoped dagger man was the last, but hopes were filled with doubts and he kind of figured more dead men would cross his path soon.

He picked up his camo hat that came off in the struggle and dusted it off. That’s when he saw the nice Kydex sheath on the man’s waist. From the dead man’s outstretched hand lay the dagger in the dirt. Davis picked it up, sliced off the sheath from the man’s belt, wiped the blade of his own blood onto his jeans and sheathed the dagger. “Leave no weapons behind,” he said under his breath. “Especially not nice ones.”

He still smelled the damn cigar though and found it laying on the ground around the other side of the truck. The sneaky bastard was nothing more than an opportunist and by the rich smell of the cigar and the quality of the dagger, he’d likely taken them from his last victim.

Once he was packed up and inside his truck he took care of his stab wound. It wasn’t too bad and could have been much worse. On his arms were several skin tears from the struggle that he knew would fester if not treated so he pulled out the Doc Spartan Combat Ready Ointment that he kept in his truck med kit and rolled it on quickly. Then he inspected his Glock, knowing it needed to stay ready, he quickly dropped a few drops of ND999 lubricant of the ridges of the slide to keep it in good working order, refilled his magazine and once reassembled, used his left hand to release the slide quickly. He could not afford any malfunctions.

Then his phone rang. “Leigh? You okay?”

“Yes Dad, I’m fine. What’s going on? There are cops and military police everywhere. It took me forever to get through town.”

“By your rapid fire answers, I take it you drank the Strike Force?”

Ignoring him, she said, “Dad…is this the zombie apocalypse.”

He laughed. Hell…who knew? “This isn’t a zombie movie,” he said in a different voice.

“Oh please dad, don’t quote Range 15. That’s not even funny.”

“Okay, you’re safely out of town I take it?”

“Yes, I’m traveling east. Just passed Bastrop.”

As he put his truck in gear, he said, “Keep going. I’m headed your way.”

“Okay, Daddy.”

“And honey?”


“Don’t stop for anything or anyone.”


Note from the Author AR Shaw


This is a story based on the items I’ve received in the BattlBox.com monthly subscription. There are affiliate links to the items listed. I do receive a small payment from the affiliate links that helps to cover the cost of writing a free story for you. I hope you enjoy this ongoing tale of Davis Cole and his apocalyptic adventures. We’ll see what happens based on the items received in the next monthly box.

Until then, if you enjoy reading post-apocalyptic stories, please check out my books.


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