A BattlBox Story – Mission 30 NBC Box

A BattlBox Story – Mission 30

NBC Box – Nuclear, Biological, Chemical


“Get out of the way, dammit!” The further northeast Davis drove the more crowded the roadways became. In no time he found himself cursing and slamming his hand on the horn. Just outside of Stockdale, Texas, Davis took the least populated path to meet up with his daughter in La Grange. The only problem was, that seemed to be everyone else’s exodus plan as well. “Where do you idiots think you’re going?”

Before it was too late to change his mind, Davis diverted his route from going to Sequin, to a more easterly route through Nixon and perhaps cutting across on 90 to Luling. There were back roads to take but he vowed to get to his daughter waiting for him in La Grange as fast as he could. Which also meant he’d have to change routes on the fly. That was no problem. It typically would take him another hour and a half to get there. “This going to take me a few more hours dammit.”

Then his daughter Leigh called sending a jolt of nervous tension through his middle. “What is it honey?”



“Has there been some sort of nuclear attack?”

“WHY…do you ask?”

“…Because there’s a guy wandering around a block away from the cabin with a gas mask on.”

“Can he see you? Does he know you’re there?”

“No. No, I peek out the curtain. I put the car around back like you said.”

“Is he anywhere near our property line?”

“No, he’s across the street. Dad has there been a nuclear attack?”

“Not as far as I know, baby. Don’t give him any indication you’re there.”

“I’m not. He’s just walking around with his cell phone out and this thing sticking out of it.”

“What thing?”

“I don’t know. I’m watching him with the binoculars. Just this black thing sticking out of his phone. He’s waving it around slowly in front of him.”

“And you said he has a mask on?”

“Yeah, some kind of gas mask.”

“I don’t know, Leigh. Just stay hidden. I’ll be there as soon as I can. Stay armed Leigh. I mean it. It won’t help you if you don’t carry.”

“I know Dad.”

“Call me if you get concerned.”

“I will.”

“Love you.”

“Bye, Daddy.”

Davis ran a nervous hand down his face. “Probably some crazy. Damn, she’s there all alone and I can’t do a thing about it.”

After he had laid his foot down on the gas, he turned on the radio, hoping perhaps he could rule out a radiological attack.

“…Don’t you think you’re just scaring our listeners?”

“No, I think they should be informed to make their own decisions. Are we not American’s after all?”

“Yes, but even if we’ve received a high dose of radiation…”

“Wait. You have to assume we all have. A small nuclear bomb has hit Virginia.”

“What!” Davis could not believe what he was hearing.

“…if you have them, wear your gas mask and take the Iosat Potassium Iodide Tabs.”

“Wait a minute. Is that really necessary. Those tablets should only be taken in a confirmed nuclear radiation emergency. Don’t you think a doctor should be the judge of that?”

“Of course people need to listen to their local news but my point is there’s a lot of things you can do to prevent radiation risk. You can take Colloidal Silver for one. It’s a natural immune support supplement.”

“Doesn’t that stuff turn you blue?”

Ignoring the question, the interviewee said, “You can also use Radiacwash Towelettes to wipe off radiation if you’ve become contaminated. Also be sure to put anything exposed into radioactive waste bags for proper disposal.”

“See, I think you’re just scaring the crap out of people with all of this.”

“No, I’m not. I’m empowering people. Look if you don’t believe me, there’s a book everyone should download right now on your Kindle; might just save your life. Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson Kearny. Lifesaving Nuclear Facts and Self-Help Instructions. It comes in paperback and ebook version. Get one and put it in your family library.”

“Dang, I think I have that one at the cabin.”

“It’s an informative read. We have this perception that when there’s a nuclear attack everyone automatically dies, but that’s not the truth. There are ways to survive a nuclear attack and there is no time like the present to learn.”


Davis had heard enough and turned off the radio. When he pulled up into the cabin’s gravel driveway, he saw the gas-masked man sitting on the porch of his own cabin across the street with a folding knife in his hand. The only reason Davis noticed the knife from that distance was an odd green glow emanating from the handle of the blade in the shadows of the porch overhang. The man hadn’t moved or made any threatening gestures since he saw Davis pull up. Stepping out of his truck, Davis was armed and ready anyway.

“Howdy,” he yelled.

The guy nodded and as he did the canister on the end of his mask bobbed up and down. He waved at him too after folding his green glowing knife up and putting it back in his pocket.

Hmm…odd guy. Typically not one to engage strangers, this one lived right across the street from him. He needed to find out what sort of person he was before making further plans.

“Do you uh, think we’ve been hit?”

The gas-masked guy pushed himself up from the porch and walked his way with a slow stride.

Detecting no threat from the guy, but still cautious, Davis met him halfway.

A muffled voice of an older man came out, “We’re definitely exposed. My Geiger counter says we’re in the danger zone.”

“What does that mean?”

“Depends,” gas-masked man said as he lifted an orange card that hung on a tether around his neck. “This is a dosimeter. It measures ionizing radiations above normal.”


“It measures the radiation you’re exposed to.”

Looking at the school bus orange card, Davis asked, “What does yours say?”

He shrugged, “The indicator is barely darkened past normal but there’s a 20% error rate on either side.”

“Is that bad?”

“Well, it’s not good but it’s definitely not the worst.”

“What happened in Virginia?”

“No one really knows yet but I’m betting a dirty bomb.”

“North Korea?”

“Hell…pick one. It doesn’t matter.”

“Hey, I’m Davis Cole, by the way.”

“Hi Davis. My name’s Wyatt Teller. I’m a Geologist out of Austin.”

“Okay, I knew someone bought this property but we’ve not met. Is it just you?”

“Yeah, I live alone.” He pointed toward Davis’s cabin and chuckled inside the mask. “I’ve seen a young lady peeking out the window at me. Didn’t mean to scare her.”

“The mask may have done that.”

Wyatt pulled off the rubber gas mask, his elderly face a sweaty mess of rivering sweat trails, “I almost forgot I was wearing it. Just practicing.”

“She said you were waving around your cell phone with a stick on the end?”

“Oh, yeah that’s my mobile Geiger counter. I haven’t really detected anything but I’m taking measurements in intervals.”

“Is there anything you recommend we do at this point?”

“Um, filter your water. Even the stuff you get out of the facet for now until we know more.”

“Okay, I’ve got a Seychelle Radiological Water Filter Straw. Will that work?”

Wyatt lifted his eyebrows. “Yes, that’ll work just fine.”

“I’m a prepared sort of guy.”

Wyatt nodded. “Best way to be these days. Though I’m not sure what to make of things. We have a locked down biological attack in Bexar County and a dirty bomb explosion in Virginia? What the hell’s going on?”

This time Davis shrugged, “I don’t know…but those prepared will survive another day while those not, fade into history.”

If we’re lucky,” Wyatt said.

Davis nodded, “If we’re lucky.”

Note from the Author AR Shaw


This is a story based on the items I’ve received in the BattlBox.com monthly subscription. There are affiliate links to the items listed. I do receive a small payment from the affiliate links that helps to cover the cost of writing a free story for you. I hope you enjoy this ongoing tale of Davis Cole and his apocalyptic adventures. We’ll see what happens based on the items received in the next monthly box.

Until then, if you enjoy reading post-apocalyptic stories, please check out my books.


Books by A. R. Shaw


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Surrender the Sun

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The French Wardrobe

The French Wardrobe


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Deception on Durham Road

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Kate’s Redemption

A BattlBox Story – Mission 1.2 Solo Camping

BattlBox Story by AR Shaw

Mission 1.2 Welcome Box

SITREP: Solo Camping

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Driving down Highway 1604, right outside of Elmendorf, Texas at daybreak, Davis Cole was headed into work like most mornings. Work this week was just outside of the Bexar County line on an oil rig that moved around a bit with a little ingenuity in and around the territory of Canada Verde. The sun barely peeked over the horizon above the mesquite bushes along the highway. He’d see one or two other pick-up trucks ramble by him that early in the morning. Most likely they worked for the oil industry in one way or another. He’d raise his coffee mug, tip the lid of his cap at the other driver and most likely they’d do the same if they weren’t headed in after a fourteen-day rotation and just too darn tired. Otherwise, they’d blow passed you, and nothing was different this morning…not yet anyway.

Ten minutes into the drive, the caffeine began taking effect. Davis turned on the radio, checking the local news, and when he barely glanced up, emergency vehicles came blasting up and around him, their alarms and lights blaring. Not just one or two, either. After looking into the rear view mirror, he realized there were streams of them. Some military trucks were mixed in, too. “What in the hell?” he said in a slight Texan drawl. Pulling over to the side of the road, gravel blew, and he tried to get out of their way to make for easier passage. That’s when he finally took note of what the radio was trying to tell him.

“…medical evaluation. Repeat: There is an emergency in your area. A toxic chemical release occurred at approximately 0600 in the Bexar County area. Please go to your assigned shelter immediately. If you cannot stay indoors, find secure shelter and close all entrances. If you remain outside, go to the nearest hospital for a medical evaluation for risk of exposure if you show any symptoms.”

That was all Davis needed to hear. He pulled back onto the highway when there a break in the emergency vehicle traffic. Fitting in, right before a military Humvee, he floored the accelerator. “They’re going to close the county border.”

If that were to happen, there was no way he’d get to his college-aged daughter in Austin, north of the Bexar County line. Speeding northeast, Davis met up with the main highway, 181, and when he looked northwest, he watched as a few emergency vehicles, with lights and sirens live, headed his way. “They’re coming.” He took off taking no heed and ran for the county border line. Never in his life did he think he’d have a stream of police chasing his tail. Thankfully they weren’t after him…just behind him.

Not long after, he passed the leaving Bexar County sign and the for a few moments he thought the policemen were going to continue to chase him down but while looking in his rearview mirror, they turned. One crossed the grassy median and Davis assumed they were in the process of shutting down access both in and out of the county.

“Whew!” He continued to drive down 181 and then pulled off on a side road and out of sight. After checking the news on his phone and confirming there was not only a chemical release, there was possibly a terrorist threat as well. He wasn’t sure about that knowing things changed rapidly in an emergency and only time would tell.

Knowing his daughter, Leigh, would likely still be asleep at this hour, he opted to call her instead of texting.

“Hello? Dad?” Came her sleepy, confused reply.

“Hey Baby, listen. Everything is probably fine, but there’s some kind of chemical spill or something in Bexar County and they closed off roads inside and out. I’m just outside of the border. Heard about it on my way in. Don’t go outside of Austin for now. I mean it. Keep your phone charged and take your solar charger with you to classes. Just hang it on your backpack. I’ll remain in touch throughout the day and reevaluate later. Understand?”

Like he knew she would, her reply didn’t surprise him. “Dad, are you serious?

“Just do what I day, Leigh. Promise me.”

With a long sigh, Davis pictured his daughter flopping down onto her pillow with a dramatic show. “All right, Dad.”

“Keep your phone on. And Leigh, stay where I can find you and keep your pack ready. Understand?”

“Yes, Dad.”

“Love you, baby. Keep in touch.”

“Love you, too Dad. Bye.”

Knowing she wasn’t into his preparedness ways, he couldn’t help but feel frustrated with her attitude at times, but he also understood. Heck, she was young. Had her life and dreams ahead of her and he wanted nothing more than to help make that happen and a part of making that happen was to prepare and have contingencies planned for emergencies. This was one of them. Things happened. Typically, they were Mother Nature things and so terrible enough on their own, but he had a feeling this was something more sinister than Mother Nature. Only time would tell.

Davis started up his truck again and had all the intentions of going into the rig and perhaps spending the night there in one of the many trailers available as bunk houses but that’s when his phone rang with the rig’s caller id.


“Hey, Davis. This is Amos Barber. There’s been some kind of chemical attack in Bexar County. We’ve been told to shut her down. Don’t come in. You live near Elmendorf right?”

“I do.”

“Then, either get the heck out town now and go camping or hunker down.”

He always liked, Amos. The man was old school, and they often thought along the same lines. “Exactly what I was thinking. Are they sure it was a chemical attack?”

“Nah, they don’t know nothing for sure yet.”

“Better to be safe than sorry.”

“You got that right. All right, I’ve got more call to make. You take care, Davis.”

“Will do, sir.”

Talking to himself, Well that option’s blown. Can’t go into work and I can’t go home. Option three may be camping after all…like Amos suggested.

But before he planned on that, Davis drove on further to the nearby town where there was one of those little cafés that served the locals and the oil men that came to town and often wanted breakfast at five in the morning. He figured he’d spend some time there and watch the news before he made other plans. Leigh was fine where she was, at the moment, but he was out of shelter tonight if things went south.

When he pulled up into the gravel parking lot, there were more trucks there at that time than normal. He got out, and as a habit, because of the Zika mosquitos so prevalent in their area since the summer before, he sprayed himself with a Sawyer Product, Picaridin Insect Repellent. He liked it because it also repelled ticks and those darn things were epic this year. He also preferred this brand since it didn’t harm his gear and lasted up to twelve hours. And it didn’t smell like some of the other brands. A couple easy sprays from the pump and that was it. These days, he wished he’d bought stock; he’d be rich by now.

As soon as he entered the café, the door’s bell tinkled, and in the background, the wall mounted television blared, not one head turned in his direction. They were all glued to the news. When he looked up, he saw why their attention was so riveted. What seemed like a press conference was underway.

“All roads, into and out of Bexar County are closed at this time. We are in a current no-fly zone as well.”

“What exactly was the chemical exposure?” a reporter asked.

“I cannot give you that information at this time,” said the official then pointed to another reporter.

“Can you tell us about any injuries?”

“That information is forthcoming. It’s too soon to tell. Next question.”

“Was this a terrorist attack?”

“It’s too soon to tell. We are still in the information-gathering stage.” That’s when another person in a suit took over.

“That’s be all the questions we can take at this time. As soon as we have more information, we’ll let you know.”

And that was it. The suits walked off stage when someone in the café said to no one in particular, “They aren’t even telling us what actually happened.”

“You want some coffee, Honey?” asked the waitress.

He realized she was talking to him, still a bit stunned by the odd news. “Yes,” he said and slid into a booth by the window.

She flipped over his sturdy mug and poured in the black blew. “Strange, huh?”

He nodded.

“I mean they close the county borders and claim there’s a chemical exposure and yet no one has seen a thing. My sister’s a nurse living in San Antonio, and she called me this morning. They don’t have any patients coming in with chemical exposure. We don’t know what to make of it.”

“Well, I’m sure the day will tell more as it goes.” When she walked away the one thing that struck him was the uncertainty. These were uncertain times as it was. They didn’t need a mystery added in. Hell, it could be a zombie apocalypse for all they knew.

With his daughter on the other side of the closed county…he needed to remain vigilant until he knew what they were dealing with and come up with a contingency plan.

“This will probably be over by noon,” said another patron.

Davis sipped his coffee, intermittently checked the news, listened to the patrons’ commentary and watched through the window at his vehicle and people coming and going. He already knew there was more than one exit to the building. It was something his ex-wife used to make fun of him for but situational awareness was a real thing, and he was an old pro. His instincts saved him and his family from other people’s domestic disputes, robberies and run in’s from other bad hombres in general.

Just then, he heard gravel flying and looked up again through the window. A large suburban pulled in, and several rough looking men with low hanging pants spilled out. They were all carrying guns and headed for the door. With his hand already on the handle of his Gerber LMF II Infantry knife holstered to his waist, Davis knew he was ill prepared for a gun fight, but wasted no time while he walked quickly to the back door exit, knife in hand. Sure, he could have waited around for them to show up. Pulled the blade but really, he’d brought a knife to a gun fight, and at the end of the day, he needed to stay alive to help his daughter if conditions persisted.

That and he also had identified several armed men in the café when he’d walked in; they were in Texas after all. Two steps out the door and gunfire broke out inside. Davis walked close to the outside cinder brick wall of the building until he met the edge and then stepped out a bit. With his knife in hand anyway, he scoped the parking lot. The suburban sat empty, and no one was on watch, while inside, people screamed, glass broke, and shots continued firing. He had a feeling things weren’t going so well for the Marauders inside because suddenly he heard the unmistakable sound of a shotgun blast.

Davis wanted none of that. Heck, it was early in the day still. With the diversion going on inside, he decided to simply walk to his truck. He got in, he back out and he drove away.

A few hours later, Davis listened intently to his radio from his parked position from inside a wooded brush canopy. News began to trickle in of body counts. There had indeed been a chemical attack. What kind, they still did not divulge or did not know. The gas cloud continued to hover over San Antonio. FEMA arrived and Davis heard the unmistakable sound of military helicopters fly overhead as the day began to move on.

Just then, his daughter texted him, “Dad, what’s going on there? People are dying in San Antonio? Campus on lockdown.”

“I’m fine, Kiddo. Stay put unless I say otherwise. Stay charged.”

“Luv U, Daddy.”

“Love you more.”

Thinking to himself, with the campus on lockdown, Leigh was pretty safe for now. There was no scenario that made sense for him to return to Bexar County tonight even if they did open the roads. And he’d already learned that public places were less than optimal for now as well. He needed to stay vigilant for Leigh’s safety and his own. That meant camping out at least for tonight, and he’d reassess in the morning based on news reports.

For the next few hours, Davis scouted out a secluded spot where he would remain out of sight of others on higher terrain so that he had a tactical advantage. By then it was nearing early evening, and Davis began setting up camp.

From a locked compartment in the back of his truck, he pulled out a nifty brown nylon item he’d received from a Box of the Month Company called BattlBox.com. Inside the sturdy nylon bag was a large one-man tent with built-in mosquitos netting. It was easy to set up and came with several alloy stakes. Except that, for the outer rain fly, he pulled out another item he’d received from BattleBox, the Speed Cinch Tent Stakes. These things were easy to really tighten down the outer rain fly securely. At times, nights in the Hill Country of Texas were windy, mosquitos would eat you alive, and the rain came unexpectedly. Davis was prepared for that.

That’s when he felt a bite on the back of his neck and slapped at mosquitos. “There’ll be none of that.” His next task was to pull out his Murphy’s Mosquitos Sticks Pack. Keeping back the mosquitos was paramount. You never knew what they carried, and there’d been too many confirmed cases of Zika transmission even in San Antonio in the past year. All Davis had to do was pull the lanyard from around his neck which held an Exotac Fire Sleeve with a Bic Lighter inside, flip off the waterproof top and held one of the four green Murphy Mosquitos Sticks at an angle under the flame for twenty seconds. Then he allowed the flame to burn for twenty seconds before he blew it out and then planted it in the ground as the smoke wisped up like incense. He repeated the procedure three more times and planted them in a perimeter around his camp. He’d always expected them to smell like repellant, but they really didn’t have a strong odor, and they were DEET free.

With the mosquitos taken care of, for now, Davis realized he was starving and had only had a few sips of coffee that morning. To stay in top form for any contingency Davis needed to eat. He pulled out a handy aluminum camp stove stored in a black net bag that he’d received in his first box from BattlBox.com. It was easy to set up, and he already had stored in the sealed fuel reservoir, a little Isopropyl alcohol. He lit the fuel with his Exotac lighter on the lanyard around his neck, and soon a blue flame glowed. He poured in the pot a cup of bottled water and it quickly came to a boil. He added a pouch of dehydrated Chili Mac with Beef from Mountain Foods which tasted pretty good in his opinion and soon he was digging into his meal with a Light My Fire Camp Spork.

With camp set up, and a meal inside him, the evening started to cool down. Davis thought it best to get a small fire going to see by. He took out his favorite item from BattlBox.com, his Gerber LMF II Knife and used the serrated side to chop up a few dry pieces of wood to the right size and then set up a fire using a chunk of a Zippo Cedar Fire Starter. This fire starter was basically a hockey puck shaped thing and came in handy for a quick ignite. In no time he had a nice fire going. If for some reason, he ran out of that, he also had on hand in a neat little aluminum tin, something called a Mini Inferno, All Weather Firestarter. It was basically an easy to store round tin filled with six little fuel infused wax, fiber coated disks. Again, you only needed a little bit and tearing off a small piece would do it. You lit the fibers, and they quickly sustained a fire long enough to get a good flame going. All of these items Davis received from BattleBox.com, and he either used them in his daily life or added them to his go bags.

While staring into the flame, Davis felt his phone buzz one more time. It was from Leigh again. The text read. “Going to sleep, Dad. Luv U!”

“Love you too, darling. Sleep well. Stay charged and be ready. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.”

After he had said his good nights and the fire was out, Davis slipped inside of his one man tent and zipped it up from the inside. Tomorrow would bring new challenges, and Davis was a Ready Man, but who knew what those trials were until they were upon you?



Note from the Author AR Shaw


This is a story based on the items I’ve received in the BattlBox.com monthly subscription. There are affiliate links to the items listed. I do receive a small payment from the affiliate links that helps to cover the cost of writing a free story for you. I hope you enjoy this ongoing tale of Davis Cole and his adventures. We’ll see what happens based on the items received in the next monthly box.

Until then, if you enjoy reading post-apocalyptic stories, please check out my books.

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The French Wardrobe

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Deception on Durham Road

Departure from Durham Road

Kate’s Redemption

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In the Thriller genre, I’m accainted with Ian Graham. In fact, I met Ian in New Orleans last month at Bouchercon 2016. We had a great time there especially in the weapons class.


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Surrender the Sun Audiobook Coming Soon!


Surrender the Sun Audiobook Coming Soon!

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Things I never thought I’d say – My Name is on a Skull


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It’s a bittersweet completion. I certainly feel accomplished but at the same time I’m leaving characters I’ve come to love. When I set out to write my version of a postapocalyptic adventure, I never thought it would turn out this successful. I didn’t intend to write a series, but I felt once The China Pandemic was complete that there was more to their story and so I found myself writing the rest.

Now, I’m ready to move on, sorta. I’m ready to start new projects. I’ve already begun a fresh idea. I hope that you’ll enjoy this series and realize my final goal was to show what I believed the worst catastrophe to our world would result in. I think I did that after all. There will be tremendous heartache and pain and successes coupled with grief along the way.

To me, this is the realistic version. It’s what could happen… Let’s hope it never does.

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