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It’s rare for a new author to pull a favorable Kirkus Review with a debut novel, but that’s just what A. R. Shaw did with The China Pandemic; the first book in the Graham’s Resolution series. Not only that, it hit number one in both Post-Apocalyptic and Dystopian genres in May of 2014. Not bad for a Texas girl and former Radio Operator, who served in the Air Force Reserves.

Since then, she’s written three more novels in the popular Graham’s Resolution series, two Kindle World’s Novellas in the Perseid Collapse world as well as an addition to the popular Wayward Pines Kindle World, Kate’s Redemption. As well as a new series based on the Maunder Minimum, Surrender the Sun.

Currently residing in the state of Idaho, AR Shaw has several additions to add to the Graham’s Resolution series soon and many more manuscripts ahead of her.

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  1. I just finished the first two books of “The Graham’s Resolution Series.” Wow! I really liked them, took me 4 days to read in between a trip to Seattle and back to delay me. I really enjoyed the local knowledge of WA and was amazed to see you live in Liberty Lake. I’ve played golf there a few years back, and I have a son that’s in Mead. Anyway, it’s great to read your work!

    Rod Roberts
    Grandview, WA

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