French Wardrobe is Live


French Wardrobe is now live in Kindle format on Amazon as a new release!

The French Wardrobe story is sort of a mystery. It’s somewhat difficult to define the genre but that’s as close as I can get. It’s different than anything I’ve ever written and I think it’s mostly applicable to female readers though some of my more patient male readers might like it as well. Here is the brief description.

A husband’s fears become a widow’s nightmare.

The death of an overprotective husband brings his widow’s world crashing down. In her quest to survive life alone she makes a discovery not only about her strengths but also about his fears. Fans of Girl on the Train, The Husband’s Secret, and Gone Girl, will like The French Wardrobe.

Right behind this is Surrender the Sun. I’m halfway through the rough draft and intend to publish this, first in a series, as soon as possible.

I hope you enjoy The French Wardrobe and please leave a review if you did.

Thank you!

A. R. Shaw


Traveler Series by Tom Abrahams

Untitled design

Traveler Series by Tom Abrahams is reminiscent of the old classic western series.

You must know what I’m referring to… the ones my dad in Texas still watches in the afternoon while sitting in his armchair. They were quality then, not like the quick scotch tape versions now. They were the kind that were laced with subtle humor. The ones you’d catch a moment later. Genius works of art, really. The films were long then. You had to have patience in the old days but they were worth every minute. That’s what Author Tom Abrahams has done here with The Traveler Series.

His main character, Battle, is like that famous actor, he’s tough yet weak, he’s dangerous and he’s funny. He’s got that quirky sense of humor that only men of danger rely upon. I loved the series.

The first book in the series, Home, begins in Texas before the Scourge, which was a pandemic. It’s where the pain of the character sets in profoundly. Tom Abrahams has two elements that many authors do not. This is where you see that he can provide both the action and the emotion. That’s uncommon and a great combination.

Canyon is after the Scourge and in the upheaval of a power struggle. Though there’s also another element in Canyon; one I thought Abrahams pulled off very well. He implemented a secondary storyline, weaved through excellently. I’m a terrible guesser to plot lines. I tend to ruin anything I sit through with the family… it was the butler! But, I didn’t see this coming which tells me he’s good and when he revealed the ending I was satisfied that he’d entertained me. That’s what we all want isn’t it? To be entertained. To not guess the ending or to know who did it in the end?

And then Wall brings everything’s full circle. Forget succession. Texas, in this setting, is long past succession. The state itself is fractured. In Wall, we still see an emotional struggle that’s very personal to Battle. He struggles to overcome the worst battle he’s ever endured and it’s within himself. Of course, there’s an outward struggle as well. Abrahams again brings in his artistic talent. He combines these battles for one man and makes him deliver despite the pain. And just like in the old west movies you wonder if he’s going to get the girl in the end, survive his inner struggles and triumph over the bad guys. Well, I won’t ruin it for you. Read it for yourself!

Day After Never by Russell Blake


Day After Never by Russell Blake is a non-stop modern day western in a post-apocalyptic world.

Blood Honor is the first installment in The Day After Never series. The main character, quiet and rugged, Lucas, gives up his day job of chasing horses for trade to rescue a woman in need; a strange but beautiful women he knows nothing about. Which is something this torn and broken widower just doesn’t do in this post-humanity world, and can’t begin to explain why he needs her to survive.

There are quite a lot of thrilling moments and though I’ve read more than one Russell Blake books, I found this one written in a style I quite admire. He adds the details a lot of authors miss. He shows humanity and he’s in the moment which not something all authors can claim in their works. I very much enjoyed reading this first installment in The Day After Never and I know you will too.

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Fractured State by Steven Konkoly


I just finished reading Fractured State by my friend, Author Steven Konkoly. I’ve looked forward to this one for a while.

I can never get enough of the survival genre and Fractured State is one heck of a survival story. This one is set in the near future, a future set up as bleak of freedoms any American would shutter; the rules no man could truly live by, willingly, for long. And yet, it’s a reality so close to the truth and only a step away in time.

This is the first installment in the series, one that I’ll keep up on. I hope you too will consider reading Fractured State. And imagine a place where personal water reclamation is as common as recycling and succession is a topic outside of Texas


Absolute Anarchy by Johnny Jacks


Absolute Anarchy by Johnny Jacks is a new must-read resource worthy of your home library.

I BETA read this guide and can’t recommend it to my readers enough. I met the author in Tennessee last spring and he’s a quiet unassuming fellow. You’d never know what lurked beneath the surface by his quiet demeanor. Author Johnny Jacks is a valuable resource himself. He’s a former Green Beret and with his Special Forces experience from Vietnam and other venues, he’s got more experience on how to survive a catastrophe than anyone I’ve ever met. His advice goes a long way on teaching you how to survive any given situation.

Author Johnny Jacks is a valuable resource himself. He’s a former Green Beret and with his Special Forces experience from Vietnam and other venues, he’s got more experience on how to survive a catastrophe than anyone I’ve ever met…ever. His advice goes a long way on teaching you how to survive any given situation.

This book covers everything and what’s more? Absolute Anarchy also has a website resources guide as well. Preppers Guide to Surviving the Coming Collapse is the tagline that says it all.

I often recommend fictional books heralding the end of the world. Seldom do I recommend a read that will help you survive the end of the world, in whatever form it may come to greet us or come at all. Do yourself a favor, read Absolute Anarchy from the first pixel to the last. You’ll be thankful you did and if, or when, the end comes you’ll be prepared or at the very least in the right frame of mind while everyone else is doomed.

I seriously hope that if the end comes to dawn, Johnny Jacks is nearby. My chances of survival will be almost guaranteed. 🙂


Canine Plague by Burt Walker – A Refreshing Addition to the Prepper Genre



Canine Plague by Burt Walker – A Refreshing Addition to the Prepper Genre

I was elated when I discovered that my long time fan, Burt Walker, surprised us all with his own novel. He’s a sly, ingenious fellow, much like his main character. So good at his deception he even left his wife out of the loop, surprising her along with the rest of us. I have no idea how you can conceal the workings of a novel from those living in your own space, I for one shout out questions and pull my hair out…my family happily supplying suggestions just to quiet me up.

Moving the Canine Plague up on my TBR (to be read) list, was no problem. I finished my latest read and then quickly opened Canine Plague. I must say I was a little apprehensive about the premise of the book. I mean a dog plague causing a national crisis? I had nothing to fear. Not only did Author Burt Walker pull off the premise, he did so beautifully. You wouldn’t think something like this could spawn a national catastrophe but in the story, you see how easily our system can be manipulated. It’s a scary and realistic scenario, one that I fear is only too easily set in motion.

The research conducted in this novel is apparent in detail. This isn’t a fly by source of information. Burt Walker put a lot of research hours into this book which also astounds me how he kept it from his wife.

If you’re into the prepper genre, this is a must read. I would only suggest you hold off on any assumptions when starting the novel. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. I do hope Author Burt Walker has a series in mind for this scenario. I can certainly see a world behind the Canine Plague.

French Wardrobe Cover Reveal



The French Wardrobe Cover Reveal

Tada… Here is the cover design for The French Wardrobe. It was a tough decision and at first I thought we were headed in a very different direction entirely but after asking the design team to tweak a secondary design, the artist came up with hand drawn version and this design reflects the story so well, I was hooked.

Now, I just need to finish the story. The French Wardrobe is about a widow’s journey out of grief when her overly protective husband suddenly is taken from her. Though she’s strong in her own way, she has no idea how to cope in this new life solo. Then, strength, comes from an unlikely source. It’s a tale of finding power within in the hardest of times.

This book is considered contemporary fiction and is a departure from the type of stories I typically write. I’m hoping to write in many different genres so this will be a first, though I don’t see my writing style ever completely removed from dystopian. Call me a synic, it’s just the way I’m built.

Stay tuned and I will let you know when The French Wardrobe is soon to be released. Better yet, join my newsletter up on the right of this website and you’ll receive an email when there’s news to share.

Silver Star by Jeannette Walls – a Review

Silver Star by Jeannette Walls is a true look into the childhood of those less fortunate and who live by their wits at a young age.

A friend of mine recently introduced me to The Silver Star by Jeannette Walls. It was sitting around on my TBR pile for a while, (to be read). Had I known what a wonderfully written and engaging story it was, I would have moved it to the top of the pile a little sooner.

The main character reminds me of my own childhood and I think that’s why my friend referred the story to me to begin with. Those of use who grew up like this know what it’s like to be in charge of yourself, the boss of you, at such an early age. Jeannette Walls truly made the story come to life and she didn’t hold back; it the raw deal and I loved reading The Silver Star.

It starts off with two girls in their young teens trying to avoid the dreaded CPS (child protection services). They end up making a run for it since their crazy mom has left them on their own for far too long. They take off across the country to their only known relative and discover that not only is their mother looney but so are the rest of the adults they encounter. They fall into life in their mother’s old town but not without resurrecting old ghosts and finding out who they truly are in the process. This is both good and bad and you’re left with hoping they made the right decision all along.

I completely recommend it to my readers and though I know my female readers will enjoy it, so will my male readers. There’s no real romance but lots of life involved.

This book is also available in audiobook format and I think it would be a great listen-to on your way to work.

Moonlit Garden by Corina Bomann: A Review

51VYYx9hHgL._SL250_Moonlit Garden is a treasure to read. I loved it completely.

I recently took advantage of the Kindle First opportunity to download The Moonlit Garden for FREE. It was a great deal and wasn’t to be released until the next month. I love Amazon Prime, there are so many benefits like the Kindle First program, Amazom video…Amazon will rule the world soon and we know it. Maybe that’s okay…I for one am fine if drones deliver my products. Sure beats the mailman delivering boxes and ringing the doorbell when I’m hard at work in my fantasy lab.

Anyway… I’m so far behind on my book posts that I wanted to highlight the few good reads that I’ve read in the past month. The Moonlit Garden is one and it’s a lovely story about a widow who receives a mysterious violin. She owns an antique store and tries to find out more about it. The journey she goes on is something she never expects and it was a treat to see her path as she discovers the true meaning of the violin, it’s original owners and how it’s related to her afterall.

This is one I know my female fans will like. It’s like the pearl in the gravel patch. It’s certainly worth a spot on your kindle. Enjoy.